Jim (Vince) Campagna

God's Kingdom Outside the Box

God's Kingdom Outside the Box

Dreams and Visions; Seeing in the Spirit; Engaging the Angelic; Cloud of Witnesses; I reflect on the mystical nature of my relationship with Christ, through which I've begun to better understand my role as son, citizen and governmental administrator within God's marvelous Kingdom.

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SHIFTERS - A Sci-Fi Novel: ©2017

Zee Tucker's nightly dreams, sometimes are beyond ordinary and growing more intense. A kid who dreams of adventure, he can hardly believe it when finding himself in the middle of one better than any imagined. But that dream is about to turn into his nightmares.

An unknown enemy, Shifters, have cross jumped dimensions and attacked. When Zee woke up this morning, he didn't even know shifting was possible. Now he'll never forget. He can't. Too many lives are depending on him to remember, especially his father's.



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This channel is dedicated to new and hobbyist Storytellers, Filmmakers and Imagination Adventurers. Here we discuss telling our tale, be it through the eyes of the camera, the written word such as in a screen play or novel, or as an audio story.

Let's unravel the secrets of good story and learn how to tell it together!

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About Me

Writer, Filmmaker and Musician



Ever since I was a boy, I've had an interest in story telling. I remember my sister and I publishing a newspaper. We emptied out the closet in her room and set up a lamp and small table. That was our office. We then made up stories, often times crafted by our childlike take on real news events which we heard on the television, but didn't really understand. And of course there were always plenty of illustrations to go along with the news. Our greatly misguided content and pictures drew lots of laughter from my mom and grandmother.



As a young adult, my dad gave me a C-Format video camera. It revived another child hood dream of making movies. I had it with me on a trip to Nepal where a friend and I were working on a documentary. We interviewed Nepali people as well as captured lots of footage of various places around Kathmandu. One of the most interesting shots I got was at one of the Hindu temples. There were dead bodies being burned on pyres of logs alongside the holy river. I somehow managed to get within a foot of one of those bodies, filming the whole time.



What an impact my dad had on my life creatively. Like my first video camera, my dad gave me my first guitar. From the moment I learned how to really play it, I was writing songs. I eventually formed a band and we played our first concert in a church in San Antonio, Texas. Our set list was six songs. That was the start of a three year road trip and a growing list of original music, traveling all over the United States and around the world. We played in churches, parks, coffee clubs and music festivals. The picture above is us playing to a packed arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Story is a part of who we are as humans. It's reflected in our writing, in our films and in our music. It's who God has made us to be, whether we know him or not. My desire is to learn how to better construct story and use these platforms to inspire and help others. It's something God has woven into the fabric of who I am. I'm a creator by nature.

In 2014, for my birthday, my wife encouraged me to buy a new camera, which I did. Google became my university where most nights I studied about cameras and lenses, color grading and just about every topic you can imagine from both a technical and creative perspective. It's an incredible time to be an artist with the tools and information available to help make childhood dreams come true.

My Music and Films

Listen to some of my music. Watch some of my films.



Here is a very small list of music I've written. I recorded (*), mixed and somewhat mastered the songs below at home. They're not studio quality nor spotless performances by any means, but recordings of my song writing process.

(*-Frenzy: Music composed and recorded by Brandon Daily) (Mixed and Mastered by me)

  • Perspective
    • Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Lyrics and Vocals by Jim Campagna
  • Life Goes On
    • Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Lyrics and Vocals by Jim Campagna
  • Winter Snow
    • This particular instrumental rendition was performed live using my loop station to layer guitar tracks one on top of the other. The clicking noise you hear is me using my feet to stop, start and record.
    • Written and performed on Acoustic Guitar by Jim Campagna
  • Frenzy
    • Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Music written and recorded by Brandon Daily
    • Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics and Vocals by Jim Campagna
  • Slow Down
    • Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitars, Keyboard, Lyrics and Vocals by Jim Campagna
    • Lead Guitar by Brandon Daily
  • Tired of Being Safe
    • Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard, Lyrics and Vocals by Jim Campagna
    • Background Vocals by Libby Campagna, Kiersten Gihring and Jim Campagna


Links to recent short films and effects experiments I've created.

    • Check out my latest Film entry in the MY RODE REEL 2018 Short Film Competition!
    • Maggie is being verbally harassed at school. No one should be bullied for any reason. She's about to find out that sometimes, the one bullying, is hurting even more than the one they bully. Through the caring example her father demonstrates, Maggie learns that the cycle can be broken, through kindness, humility and forgiveness
  • The Godfather...Papi
    • If Mami ain't happy, then Papi ain't either. This Godfather is ready to eat. But when you're the Boss of the Family, it's up to you to bring any dissenters into line first.
  • The Sick Sense
    • Tiffany's psychosis is getting worse and Dr. Phillips wants to help. But the insanity might be spreading.

Special Effects

  • Just Because I Can
    • No real story here yet. The exercise was more to work out how to pull off some visual effects. This was a practice run, proof of concept. My niece spent time with our family and we had fun working on this together.
  • Super Girl Effect
    • I saw this effect by wrenthereaper on YouTube who was doing a tutorial on Adobe AfterEffects. He provided the original video plate, which I downloaded and used to do the same effect in Blender 3d.
  • Use the Force...1
    • Ethan uses the force to pull a chair across the lobby of our church. Filmed on an iPod.
  • Use the Force...2
    • Ethan's Jedi skills are improving.
  • Wine Glass Shatter
    • Using Blender 3d to model and simulate a glass shatter. Low resolution at the time for quick rendering.
  • Quick Draw Gun Shot
    • I helped a friend with his kick starter campaign, to film a video, in which I also did this green screen shot and composite of the gun blast.